Training for work

Vocational Training for Work offers employed or unemployed workers a chance to keep training with the support of Lanbide, the Basque Employment Service.

Training based on the so-called “Modular Catalogue” enables workers to pursue Professional Certificates in smaller –and shorter– training units fully valid in the Basque Autonomous Region. Once workers have completed all of these smaller training units, they can get a course certificate and, if applicable, a Professional Certificate.

Training units are cumulative in time, meaning the certificate can be obtained at any time.
Training unit Hours Provisional dates Registration form
MF0640_3: Instalaciones de Edificios (CYPECAD MEP) 90 17/03/20 – 27/05/20 Inscripción
UF1106: Mantenimiento de Sistema de Climatización 40 02/03/20 –24/04/20 Inscripción
UF1100: Mantenimiento del Sistema de Arranque del Motor del Vehículo 50 27/04/20 –15/05/20 Inscripción
UF0882: Comprobación y Optimización del Programa CNC para el Mecanizado por Arranque de Viruta 70 02/03/20 –31/03/20 Inscripción
UF0459: Montaje y Reparación de Sistemas Neumáticos e Hidráulicos, Bienes de Equipo y Máquinas Industriales 90 18/05/20 –25/06/20 Inscripción
UF0464: Operaciones de unión 40 04/05/20 –19/05/20 Inscripción