24 November, 2023

Emilio Campuzano says NO to sexist violence #25N

This year we also joined the campaign for the International Day against Sexist Violence. We have changed our logo as a show of support for the […]
14 November, 2023

The Telecommunications Systems students visit the Itelazpi company

Last Friday, October 27, the second-year students of Telecommunications and Computer Systems paid a visit to Mount Oiz, to the telecommunications management and maintenance company Itelazpi, […]
21 June, 2023

Award-winning business projects

From the FOL department, we are pleased to inform you that in recent weeks our Institute has received several awards with different business projects from our […]
9 June, 2023

Euskelec VI Edition

On Saturday, June 3, the 6th edition of Euskelec was held in Bilbao.One more year, the FPII Emilio Campuzano Department of Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance participated […]
30 May, 2023

Euskelec VI Edition

FPII Emilio Campuzano’s Department of Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance will participate in the 6th edition of the Euskelec program.Bilbao is preparing to receive the 6th edition […]
13 May, 2023

Murals and stairs painted by Graphic Arts students

The second grade students of the Graphic Arts, Graphic Production Design and Management cycle have carried out a decorative project on the stairs leading to the […]
12 May, 2023

ERASMUS+ PROJECT: how do you work in schools in Iceland and Finland?

Within the Erasmus+ programme for teachers, teachers from the English Department have participated in a course on the Icelandic education system (Beatriz Fidalgo) and the Finnish […]
12 May, 2023

REDUCTION, REUSE AND RECYCLING: we continue to raise awareness about urban waste and its recycling.

The students of the Intermediate Training Cycles of Electrical and Automatic Installations and Electromechanics of Automotive Vehicles of morning classes, have developed in the workshop given […]
18 April, 2023

ERASMUS+ PROJECT: Visiting schools in Portugal

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ educational project, our FPII Emilio Campuzano has coordinated the visit of teachers to various schools in Portugal. Specifically, three professors […]
29 March, 2023

Awareness of urban waste and recycling

Students from various educational cycles of our center have participated in the AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ABOUT URBAN WASTE AND ITS RECYCLING. This is a campaign promoted by […]
1 December, 2022

Deustuko Ikastola de visita en las instalaciones de Electromecánica de Vehículos Automóviles

Hemos recibido la visita del alumnado de DEUSTUKO IKASTOLA, que ha venido a conocer las instalaciones del departamento de ELECTROMECÁNICA DE VEHÍCULOS AUTOMÓVILES. Durante la visita, el alumnado […]
16 November, 2022

Hagamos que este sea el último 25N

Con motivo del 25 de noviembre, Día Internacional Contra la Violencia hacia las mujeres, la Diputación Foral de Bizkaia ha lanzado una campaña bajo el lema […]